Wednesday, November 06, 2013

and the wonderful-ness just continues....

the best calimari i have EVER eaten!  tender, sweet and left me wanting more!  this was from a 
meal at the end of a spontaneous day/outing at the beach on Sunday, Nov 3rd... a beautiful
sunny, prob about 70F.  we were having our typical morning long wake-up period... Jim was
reading and i was on the balcony knitting and listening to a book, when Berend came by to
ask if we wanted to go to the beach with the usual group at Georigioupoli, then go to Lake
Kournos to eat.  great beach... the "season" is over and the beach was almost deserted.  there
was a wonderful play area for the kids and grass to play on... or lie on, tables with palm frond
umbrellas  and comfy chairs.

Maria, the mother of Toine was here from Holland.. so 9 adults and 3 very lively kids.

Lake Kournos is the largest fresh water lake in Crete.  i had only seen it from the highway
high above, and had no idea there was beach and an assortment of tavernas overlooking
the water with well-outfitted play areas for the kids.  i love that the culture here so includes
the children... they are an intregal part of any party and not suffled off to the side.

Berend, Toine and me at dinner.

Berend does love his raki!

then back to Berend and Gina's for sweets, coffee and more wine and raki.  Maria was in her
element reading in dutch to both these littles who both have dutch fathers who speak only
dutch to them (their moms are both greek and speak only greek to them).  how great is that,
to be bilingual from the very beginning.

another unforgettable day... ah, fantasy island...

i really don't want to go home.

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