Thursday, November 07, 2013

is the mojo gone?

and suddenly, our good sunny weather mojo has run out!  we braved a strong wind last night to go for something to eat.  during the night the wind picked up speed and included hard rain, big thunder and lightening.. and it continues today, minus the thunder and lightening.  cancelled our plan to take the bus to Kalives, shop around a little and have dinner at Christos' taverna.  time is getting short.  friday is the last day left to do that trip.  tomorrow is Iris' 3rd birthday and a party is planned at Elena and Toine's.

monday was our second excursion with Valerie, this time to the west and south.  stopped at Milia and had a look around and lunch.  then to Paleochori one of the southern-most beaches on the island.  nice drive... lots of goats on the hills and along the road.

Milia is an ecological self sustaiining village in the mountains in western Crete.  it was established
at the place of a former village, and only just in the past few years have they added electricity.
they live in austerity, simply and ecologically.  all the preserved fruits, olive oils, wines and raki
were produced there in Milia.

we had lunch there (very good), relaxed and talked for awhile.  below is the view from the
deck of the reception building... quite beautiful!

a rainbow over Paleochori.


i don't know the name of this flower, but love the color and shape.

we went to a place just outside the center of town.  there was a small church there with these
frescos.  don't know the history of the church, but it is old.

       here's St. George, seen frequently in church paintings.

        this was taken under the center of the ceiling.

     thanks again to Valerie for a wonderful day of adventure and excursion!

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