Sunday, November 17, 2013

back home

we got home monday night, 29 hours after waking up in Vamos, Crete.  it was brutal... but i'm happy we went and happy to be home.  for the transatlantic part we were on Lufthanasa, which is the most civilized and comfortable (well, comfort is relative) of any airline i have flown... the attendants actually *attend*,  food and drinks are complementary (ALL of it), they bring warm wet towelettes before a meal or snack, there is a monitor at your seat and choice of many movies to watch *free*, so other than i can never sleep on planes, that was the best part!

can't write any more now.  need to go back to bed and see if i can get to sleep.  since thursday, both of us have had flu-type badness which i am sure we picked up from some of the thousands of people we traveled with... in planes and airports.  there was almost a chorus of junky-sounding croupy coughing  all around us.  been chugging down the Emergen-C since i got back, but guess it didn't help.  and now that i've been just lying around in bed and on the sofa for 2 1/2 days i cannot get to sleep!  will try again.

more photos and stories later.

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