Saturday, November 09, 2013

return of my sunny day mojo!

after two days of grey days with rain, wind, thunder... stay inside kind of weather... BIG change!!
lots of sunshine... happy me!

today we went with Valerie and her small boy, Lou, to a nearby restaurant we had not been to til

a traditional wood oven where they bake bread and other dishes

wonderful food.. this is the lamb with myzithra

salad with greens (rocket greens on top), other veggies and esp. pomagranite seeds and olives

they also had display cases with ~very~ old pieces like an old record player. and a singer sewing machine probably one of the first made.

if it seems like a lot of food related posts, well... it is because so much of social life revolves around
the table and sharing food and drink.  it is a communion of sorts and solidifies friendships and connections... not just here, but all over the world!

and tomorrow we pack up and get ready to leave fantasy island.  i would really rather stay here if
it were remotely possible.  i do not want to go back to our fucked up political system, school and
mall shootings and unbelievable horrors.  ok, i will stop.  politics all over the world are messed up.
Greece is no exception and i am living on fantasy island here without much connection to reality.

so ttfn and see ya on the flip side.

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