Friday, April 09, 2010

a day in Kalives

waiting for the bus in comfort!

how i do love the flowers of Crete!

ripe lemons on a tree in the courtyard of a house on the main street, which is a bit more than one lane... it's one and one-half. and sidewalks only here and there, so i feel like i risk life and limb walking there... keeps me very alert to my surroundings and to the buses and big construction trucks that i'm sharing the road with!

as we wandered and looked in shop windows, we saw a home-for-sale ad in one of the many real estate offices. it looked particularly interesting! the photos don't show up well, but the text was interesting on its own!

we stopped for late lunch/early dinner at a taverna there that we like... good meal and excellent dessert. it's hard to beat chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate sauce poured over it! especially when it comes with moscato!!
i'm having a hell of a time getting the photos and text arranged the way i want them, so rather than cause myself any further frustration, i'll just stop and have some more beer!

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