Tuesday, April 06, 2010

roasting the Easter lamb

we had 2 invitations for the easter feast/celebration... the first was with Xanthippi and Artemi and was all Greek, all Cretan Greek.
Artemi was in charge of the roasting of the lamb on the spit... and it was delicious! i actually did not partake of the lamb head which he took off the spit with great panache, split it with a cleaver and offered it for noshing... no thanks! the rest of the lamb .... yummm. there was also oven roasted potatoes, a pilaf cooked with the broth of goat meat (wonderful!), salad and etc.s. of course, the desserts were enough to overwhelm the sweet tooth of any sweet fiend, including me. Elena came to fetch us just as we were finishing the feast and took us to the next celebration... photos and words in the next blog entry.

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