Friday, April 30, 2010

Spa at Pine Bay, Kusadasi, Turkey

another Turkish adventure!!

i found this photo which is similar to the haman we visited.... but there will be none of my photos here.

this afternoon Jim and I went for our Haman and massage and i’m so very glad i didn’t pass up this adventure!!! oh my....

So, we walk into the reception area of the resort’s spa, were given towels and instructions to go to the dressing room, take off all clothes... “be naked”, and wrap towels around you. when we came out we were met by a young man and a young woman who were also wearing towels (well, she also had on a body suit thing) and they led us to a large room with a big marble table sort of thing in the middle and with open alcove-type spaces around the edge of the room which had running water. she told Jim to lie down on his back on one side of the “table”, and he led me to the other side. when i was lying down, he carefully arranged my 2 towels. next, basins of hot water were poured over my body, followed by ground coffee (sounds kinda kinky, huh?), then he rubbed the coffee gently into my skin almost all over. the coffee is supposed to open the pores and exfoliate the skin a bit. after the coffee and rubbing came more hot water sloshed all over, then the back side was treated to the same, followed by sudsy water from a hose kind of thing... more rubbing and more sudsy water on both sides, more hot water, then wrap in big towel and sit on a marble bench in one of those open alcove places and get sloshed with more hot water. then wrapped head to toe in more towels and led to a chaise lounge in another area and told to rest a bit. after 10 minutes or so, the same people came back and took us to our own softly lit massage room with 2 tables and soothing music playing. did i say yet “life is good?”... well, it most certainly is and i enjoyed this haman and massage experience to the fullest! this was a lovely sensual and relaxing time. as i was lying there with my eyes closed i saw the most beautiful colored pictures on the back of my eyelids. the image would stay for only a moment, then float off and be replaced by other amorphic (from the Greek morph “form”) softly colored images... really pretty! and, no, there were no drugs of any sort involved. when we were back at the reception area, i was asked how it was... did i like it, to which i responded that i totally loved it and felt wonderful and could i take that young man home with me. she said that she thought he’d go.......

so, that was my totally not-to-be-missed Turkish adventure for today! and we are back at our bungalow drinking ouzo, which they call Turkish raki and isn’t raki at all! i feel all relaxed and noodley and a little bit goofy.

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