Sunday, April 11, 2010

news from home

well... the bad news and the good news... our dogs are staying with Chris and Kate while we're gone.... these dogs are known for being opportunists when it comes to finding a way to get out and run!... the opportunity presented itself and they scooted out the front door. from the moment they'd arrived at Casa Sitzman North, they'd been focused on the sound of the chickens. so... when they managed an escape, they headed directly for the house of chickens... the hens fled to the woods and Sunshine-the-rooster assumed his "i am a force to be dealt with and i've chased off coyote and bobcat and i can deal with 2 damn huskies". sad to say, said huskies did not know about Sunshine's might and force, and unfortunately, they were too much for him. and the huskies won the tussle. and the good news is that Sunshines's days were limited because he had taken to attacking his humans and anyone who went outside when Sunshine was out and about needed to have a broom with them to fight him off. the humans had put out an offer of $20 to anyone who would take him. it was a bad thing that the dogs did, but at least Chris did not have to deal with ending Sunshine's rule!

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