Monday, April 19, 2010

One afternoon we met Marina at Liakoto, had an ouzo together and she and i were able to piece together a conversation. she has some english words and i have a few greek words, so we shared what’s been happenin’ in our respective worlds. she left for a few minutes and came back with 2 liters of wine and one of olive oil, all products of Alekos’ vineyard and olive trees, so very special to us! she also brought a small photo album and we got to see her new “friend”, Adoni, who is from her home island of Syros. from the looks of it, they are smitten with each other... Bravo!!

the weather has been warm and wonderful with only one day of clouds and a night of rain. the rain brings out all the snails and relatives, large and small. they hung around for a few days before disappearing again. they are awfully crunchy underfoot! eeewwww

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