Sunday, July 31, 2011

Glendi - Greek for celebration

today we went to a Greek festival at the St. John Orthodox Greek Church in Beaverton and took the grandkids.  ate some authentic Greek food, watched the dancing, took a tour of the church and listened to the choir do a short concert (beautiful!), kids spent an hour watching the "reptileman" do his show... and loved it so much that Zylie wanted to go back to his next show.
kids had a baklava sundae... ice cream, crumbled baklava over it, then whipped cream, drizzled carmel and topped with a cherry.  didn't take them long to finish that off!

these were kids from Agia Sophia school who gave a dance demonstration... very good.

and Zylie got her face painted!

it was a good day and i enjoyed it.  gotta say that i sure don't have the energy, stamina and patience that i used to have.


goatldi said...

and those children are how old? and how did they get to be that age? essssssssssh!

Sandy said...

yeh, well i guess we've been friends for a l-o-n-g time! Zylie is 81/2 and Alex just turned 11. doesn't it seem like our grands were just babies yesterday???