Thursday, July 21, 2011

things i KNOW

i know i will never ever ever ever plant lemon balm again.  it is evil and is trying to take over my queendom... not only does it multiply itself with strong, deep, far-reaching runners, it also seems to re-seed itself in far corners of the farm.  same with oregano, which is a wonderful seasoning for many dishes, but it is also out to take over the world.

i now know that the yellow sap/juice/liquid in the stems of poppies is a washfast and seemingly permanent dye.  it started out as a yellowish spot on my favorite lime BSG teeshirt, has turned a brownish rust color and shows no signs of leaving even after serious pre-wash treatment and several washes.  it's also showing up on other clothes i wear in the garden... mostly old stuff that i don't care about.

and another thing - deer do like geranium and pansy blossoms, after they've finished off those beautiful fuchsia blooms.  i've noticed they only eat the flowers, probably leaving the stems and leaves so that there will be more of their favorite flowers for their browsing pleasure!  the eau de rotten egg potion hasn't turned out as i expected...  it smells overwhelmingly garlicky with very little rotten egg.  i'm wondering if i ruined it by  adding the last of a carton of fake eggs that was in the refrig.  i'm thinking that the preservatives in the fake eggs may have stopped the natural rotting of eggs left out in the sun and heat.  one thing for sure... no more of those preservative-filled fake eggs are going in my refrig.  i only ever used them because of Jim's low fat/low cholesterol diet, but i'm going back to farm fresh eggs from neighbors or the farmer's market! (the recipe for the eau de rotten egg as a deer repellent is in a previous post)

and i know it's late and i'm going to bed!

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