Monday, July 11, 2011

quilt show - Sisters, OR

for this yearly one-day outdoor huge quilt show, the main streets of Sisters are closed and quilts are displayed on buildings, in buildings, in big tents, in the park.... and this town of ~2500 is transformed by thousands of people wandering around examining these works of art.  it must be a gigantic undertaking to stage this event and there were lots of people there to appreciate it all.  while i do know that it takes a lot of work to make a traditional quilt and i can appreciate their beauty, i much prefer the more original approach.... and really love the ones with applique and embellishments, so of course those are the ones i took photos of!!

this quilt was really inspiring to me.   the fabric was hand dyed, then cut in half vertically... one half used for the base fabric, the other used to cut the leaves from.  it was really a work of art!

i loved this one because of the appliqued butterflies... sweet!!  and the subtle earthy colors.

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