Friday, July 15, 2011

last weekend

Skein - just waiting for pets and skritches
 and the perfect finish to Linda's and my adventure last weekend was spending Saturday evening and overnight with friends in Sisters... Jane and her mom, Blanche... and of course, Skein the Aussie as the welcomer, entertainer and all-around wannabe lap dog!  Jane prepared a fabulous meal, and i of course took photos of the main dish, the dessert and the wine.  (i wonder if it's weird that i love taking pictures of food??!)  We spent hours telling our stories, laughing a lot, drinking wine, playing with Skein, getting fluffy bunny love from Jane's angora rabbits... and having a wonderful evening.  i'm sorry i didn't take pics of breakfast the next morning... fresh fruit, yogurt, and brioche that Blanche had made.

this beautiful dish is Chicken Marbella and was absolutely as delicious as it looks!
plum crisp (looks like rhubarb and thankfully NOT)

perfect combo!  we found this excellent Moscato from the Greek island of Samos while we were in SunRiver and had to get it.... because i LOVE moscato wine and Linda and i were in Samos last spring.  perfect reason and perfect wine?? yup, you betcha!
Skein knows he was born to be a lap dog and Linda cooperated and enabled him!


goatldi said...

Would you pleazzzzzzzzzzzze call me the next time this food happens? I might just join you!

Sandy said...

sure!! it would be worth the trip... even if it was cold.