Wednesday, July 13, 2011

produce from the garden??

guess i'll need to rethink that one and dig out the green tomato recipes.  it's raining and 60s, and the forecast looks like nothing but wet  and no warmer than mostly low 70s for the next 7 days... with possibility of partly sunny next weekend.  and the deer will prob. eat all my flowers cause the foul-smelling formula will be washed off.  gloom...   guess i'll go back to bed and look at the sunny, warm pics from Sunriver and Sisters last weekend.  then take a nap.  naps are good.  i love naps.

and in other news... Meika went for grooming and intensive brushing and came back about 20 pounds lighter and with a very uppity attitude!  Tasha had missed her mightily and cried for the 3 hrs. Meika was gone.... and Meika would have nothing to do with her when she came home!!  don't know if her attitude was uppity because she looked spiffy and smelled all girly... or she was pissed because Tasha got to stay home while she went to be tortured.  whatever... she does look and smell beautiful!

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