Saturday, August 20, 2011


aren't they just too cute??  10-day old goat kids... bottle babies because their mom rejected them.  there were 4 of them...... one died and mom kept one.  anyway, my friend Lisa was at the farmer's market in beautiful downtown Banks at the same time i was and asked if i wanted to see some babies.  of course i did!  and i didn't even ask if i could bring one home with me!

however... even the goatlets couldn't ease the bitchy reaction i was having to the damn airshow going on at the hillsboro airport.  unfortunately, i had to go shopping very close to the airport and right under where major antics were going on.  and i didn't know what i was getting into!  i'm aware that there are people who find entertainment and amusement by watching the airshow.  i think it's an evil waste of my taxpayer $$, causes considerable air pollution and waste of gas to run the damn things,  causes snarled traffic on the freeway with idiots who park their cars on the shoulders, pull out their picnic lunches and watch the show.  nincompoops!   and the repeated extreme noise is beyond annoying and not healthy for sentient beings.  i hate the fucking airshow and want it to go away.  and that's the end of my rant.  unless i think of something else i don't like about it.


goatldi said...

Pleasssssssssssse Queenie-don't sugar coat it!

Sandy said...

oh yeah? stay tuned... i might tell you how i REALLY feel about it!

Lynne said...

I want to hear it in French. Zooming aside, gotta love those goatlets.