Sunday, August 21, 2011

spinnin' sistahs

it doesn't get much better than this!  some like-minded women, spinning wheels, an abundance of fiber, food, show-and-tells, lots of stories and laughing and the bonus..... a 3 1/2 week old baby boy!  that's the kind of day i had and all is good in my queendom and i'm feelin' happy.  (and suddenly the old old song "Feeling Groovy" has come into my head)
Carole - happy about the sweater she's knitting with her own hands-spun yarn, and Crystal - happy about the yarn she's spinning.

Lynne called from TN so she could be part of the gathering of sisters and Laurie is having her turn on the phone with her.  we all miss Lynne SO much and wish she'd find her way back to the PNW!!

we all agree that Lynn is a wicked-fast spinner... the fastest and most prolific we know!
Jane loves her new Majacraft wheel!
i'm knitting the Justify wrap for the second time.  it is a Lynne Vogel
pattern and can be found on Knitty.  it's a mobius and is impossible
to get a good photo of it at this stage... so will get one when it's finished.

i got in some serious baby lovin' time.  Rachael got to spin and i got to snuggle Donovan!
oh, the sacrifices i make!


Lynne said...

I miss my twisted sisters!! But had such a great time hearing from everyone! Lynn, wish you could be in Nashville on Sept 15 for the TN State Fair spinning contest...and you too Jane! Lynn on your wheel and Jane on your spindle. There will be a wheel competition and a spindle one...ten minutes, two ounces, most yardage of stable yarn wins. And congrats again to Rachael and Donovan. Luv y'all.

goatldi said...

Darn Queenie like is tough! Enjoy.

Sandy said...

Lynne - we all loved talking to ya!
Terry- yep.. i love my life!