Monday, August 15, 2011

summer!! bounty!! garden!!

ha!  i beat the birds and the deer to blueberry harvest.  i wonder if it has anything to do with the rotten egg/garlic solution that i've been spraying around lavishly....  gotta say it smells pretty awful for an hour or so after applying, and then is just faintly there.  if that's what is keeping them away from berries and fuchsias it's worth the time and effort.

and what would summer happiness be without zucchinis and beans?  (also, yellow crookneck squash
 and peas)  some of this harvest is from the gigantic garden that Jim and James planted.


a baby olive tree that Jim planted and if you look really close you can see the teeny tiny baby olives in the pic on the right.  bravo... someday we just might have our own olive crop!

see that almost ripe tomato?  i can hardly believe my eyes and now my taste buds are getting anxious for BLTs.  must go get some bacon so i can be prepared.  hope that's not the only ripe tomato this year....... (it's an Early Girl... tho mid-august isn't the usual "early")

and in the garden of Jim and James, there are all kinds of wonderful stuffs ... here's ------> a pumpkin and it's vine is trying to take over the place, with many more pumpkins and squashes coming along.


goatldi said...

You have a ripe tomato? Huh aren't you further north then me? Ours aren't even close yet. I am having tomato withdrawal!!!

Sandy said...

i know!!! i am truly amazed as i'd become resigned to this being a year of the green tomato! and it tasted SO good!

Sandy said...
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