Friday, August 19, 2011

sailboat followed by baby love!!

that was a really fine enjoyable day.... whichever day it was this past week.  well, hey, i remembered which week it was!

Pam and Larry are living on their sailboat on Hayden island since they returned from Turkey (and other places) and they invited us to have lunch with them.  i was hoping Larry would meet us at the gate with a life jacket for me... he didn't... so i mustered up my courage, convinced myself that the walkway to get to their boat,  over the water in the marina really was not as narrow as it seemed (looked about 18 inches wide to me).  i like boats, especially sailboats, but can't enjoy being out on the water in them unless i'm pretty well wasted.  this one was tied up in the marina, so that was doable.   anyway, lovely salads lunch, merlot wine, cookies and turkish apple tea.  yum!  and so good to see them again.  we were neighbors in Vamos, Crete for a couple of weeks in april (or may??).  good times!

------->>  Larry standing beside the boat and Jim on top of it.

pretty boat, huh??

and Pam inside the boat lookin' fine and feisty

and then, following Rachael's most excellent directions, we found Rachael, Matt and Donovan's home (somewhere close to St.Johns)  and we got to meet Donovan!  what a cutie and cuddly too.  i got to snuggle him for awhile (ahh, babylove!)  and i'm sure he loves me, too!  when he woke up he shared with me some of his surplus meal.  poor little guy got more on himself than on me.  so... the bonding is complete and i'm in love!  he will be here tomorrow with him mommy, so i'm counting on more snuggling.  i might have to fight off his gramma and some twisted sisters, but i'm up to it and i'm fully capable of pulling rank!

isn't he adorable?  and his mom is looking beautiful and happy!

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goatldi said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm would that be you, his newest love interest, he is eyeing?

Rachel looks exquisite!