Tuesday, January 24, 2012

black bear


last night i followed a link on Huff Post and watched a video of a black bear in the wild in Minnesota give birth to her cub.  it was absolutely fascinating to watch!  the Wildlife Research Institute has a webcam and infrared light in the bear's den and they've been monitoring her (Jewel) and other bears.    i felt so fortunate to be able to see this!  at times it was difficult, because of the dim lighting and the shadow, to see it well, but i could tell when she was actually giving birth and hear her "talking" to her cub as she was cleaning it up.  it reminded me so much of the experience of watching my ewes and their new lambs!  and the whimpering and crying of the newborn cub sounded so much like human newborns that is was eerie!  so happy i got to see it!

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