Saturday, January 28, 2012

fibery things ~ catching up

well, i had 2 fabulous fibery weekends and neglected to say a thing about them!  on the 14th i went to a class at Northwest Wools,  JazzKnitting taught by Ilisha Helfman (author of the book, Jazz Knitting).  this was really an eye-opening, interest-expanding day for me!  and that's saying a lot from someone (me) who has never had a particular fondness for those really tiny, skinny (like US #0 and #1) knitting needles.  Ilisha uses an approach that i live by... no patterns or step-by-step-this-is-exactly-how-to-do-it way of doing it.  she showed us examples, gave general instruction.. and we started knitting... and it was great.  my first ginkgo leaf only looked like a ginkgo leaf if you consider that no leaf in nature is "perfect".  it would have been a stretch to call it a ginkgo leaf, but mine was perfect in its own right.  her work is really inspiring!  a good fibery day it was... and several of my friends were also in the class, which made it even better.

my second ginkgo leaf, which i love better than the first

and this one started out to be something else, not sure exactly what, but this is what it became.  i think it looks like a flower, so that's what it is and i love it.

and last weekend on Sat. i went to Knitted Wit's  trunk show at Kathy's Knit Korner in Forest Grove.  Lorajean was there with Michelle Bernstein of pdxknitterati and they had some beautiful fibers and patterns displayed!  before i went, i took a serious look at my yarn and fiber stash, so managed to resist all but one of Michelle's patterns (infinity entrelac scarf).  and besides my love for entrelac, i love that i can use ANY SIZE needle i want!

on Sunday, went to Linda's for her post-holiday holiday party for all who work at NW Wools or teach there.  yep... i'm not currently in either of those classifications, but am so happy that Linda "grandmother"s me in and i get to go, too!  so i spent the afternoon eating good food, enjoying the company of fiber folk, and spinning that braid of fiber that my talented and artistic 9-year-old grandgirl, Zylie dyed for me and gave me for xmas (see some previous post for photo).  on the way back home, we (Laurie, Crystal and i) made a stop at the Pine Needle quilting shop in lake oswego.  we got there about 15 minutes before their closing time, but Laurie managed to find just what she wanted and made her purchase just in the nick of time!  i didn't... and just might get to go back tomorrow.  i need to find a fabric with dragonflies.  i really do need to....

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