Monday, January 09, 2012

fred rooster and other art

this is fred rooster who came to me from a very generous santa, and who awaits springtime when he can be in my garden in all his glory.  i'm acquiring a nice selection of "art" for my garden... much of it from good will (but not fred!)

and then at Good Will i found this fabulous heavy metal (i think it's cast iron) shoe/planter.  i especially love the lace effect on the side at the back and on the front.  and then there are the tassels!  oh my! be still my heart... this is perfection!  (Jim just groaned...)

fred will remain on the hearth and the shoe will be on the kitchen window sill until spring arrives and i can find the perfect spots for them in the vegetable garden or in a flower bed.

for anyone (Anna) who might question the name of the rooster... he was given that name by his creator.  i am not responsible.

my gardens will look SO fabulous!

and we have our flight reservations for Vamos, Crete in april!  and our friend Gary will house/dog sit for us!  now that we're definitely going again... i'm getting excited!!  another Greek Easter!


sorenw said...

For how long are you staying in Crete this time?

We'll go there in the beginning of July


Sandy said...

we'll be home May 16. i wish we could be there at the same time!! got any plans to come to US?

sorenw said...

Except for the usual "when I win the lottery" I'm sorry to say that I don't have any plans for visiting the US in the near future

sorenw said...

We changed our plans and are going to Corfu not Crete this time.