Saturday, January 28, 2012

fabulous fabric

 today counted as a "bonus day" in my book... like early spring... bright and sunny sweater weather.  seemed like a good day for a lunch with friends followed by a bit of retail therapy at the Pine Needle quilt shop in Lk Oswego.  met Pam at NW Wools, then Laurie and Elsa at Koji's on Barbur (name has changed and i can't remember what it is now)...  lunched on teriyaki chicken (excellent) and salad (not excellent as any salad that consists of iceberg lettuce and pale hard slices of what they pass off as tomato cannot be called good).  the company made up for it.  and then an hour or so of wandering amongst a huge array of most excellent fabrics.  i haven't found many quilt shops like this and it almost makes me hyper-ventilate.  so next quilt will feature that beautiful print in the photo and the one with gradation from purple to yellow (called, i think, ombre) and some bright pinks and warm yellows.  i need to go thru my stash to see what else i have that will work.  not sure yet, but thinking this will be "liberated log cabin".  i'll put in the name of the book that has it tomorrow.  right now i need to go watch the figure skating.

added monday, 1/30/12 -  today there came in the mail a belated solstice gift from Lynne and in it was a bodacious bounty of fabric!  unbelievably! - there are at least 2 and maybe more that will be perfect in the next project, and in fact, the pink with curved black stripe in the block on the left was in that package!  looking like it will be "liberated log cabin" taken from Freddie Moran and Gwen Marston's books.  also, getting inspiration from Melody's blog .  she really does some fabulous colorful art!

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