Friday, January 06, 2012

"time piece" update

 seems i haven't posted an update on this piece in quite awhile... so here it is.  have lately been doing some outline stitching which i would have thought would be rather tedious but am actually enjoying doing it.  i have more watches and watch parts to put on it here and there, but after they're on it becomes very difficult to do any ironing, which i need to do if i want to put more fused bits on it.  i'm enjoying this process very much... just hope i'll know when it's finished and stop.  it will have border of some kind and a backing and will hang in the living room.

yesterday my wonderful neighbor, Carol, came to give me a cranio-sacral treatment.  she worked for several years to become a certified therapist.  this is the second time she's done a home visit to give me this therapy, and i get really good results from it.  as i have an ongoing issue with low back pain, that's what she concentrated on... and it worked really well... in the afternoon, i went on a full round of errands, including the dreaded costco trip which involves lifting heavy stuff into the cart and then loading them into the car and at the end of the day i didn't have the usual heavy ache in my back that requires time on the sofa with an ice pack.  hoping it will last!!  she's coming back next week for another treatment.  to be without back pain is a wonderful way to be.

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