Monday, June 25, 2012

Black Sheep Gathering 2012

once again the annual pilgrimage to eugene, oregon for the black sheep gathering!  we were able to rent a private house for the weekend this year, which was a good thing because olympic trials were going on and by this time last year any motels that still had rooms un-reserved were asking $300/night for the worst choice rooms.  this was close to perfect... maybe a bit small for 10 women, their spinning wheels, fiber supply, food and wine.  but it was lovely to be able to spend the evening spinning with friends and drinking wine, in a comfortable home!

i'm sorry i didn't take more photos of the house and spinning circle.  guess i was just too busy!  but trust me.... lots of happy spinners and lots of wheels!

the market was great!  probably less shoppers this year because of the rain and the lack of motel rooms in eugene.

this is one of Kate's fibers... BFL, called Starling that she did for a special online spin-along.  these colors just sing and of course, BFL is one of my most favorite fibers.
 true to my tradition at bsg, had to buy fiber from Dicentra.  this one is bfl and tussah silk... yummmmm

and from Rollie at Fox Hollow this ultra bright bag o' fiber that i knew i needed to buy because there was one left when i made my last round of the market.  this is cormo/mohair/angora.  and the colors are spectacular!

from Beacon Bend Alpacas... this batt felt so lusciously soft and silky, that i needed to have it!  it has alpaca, mohair, silk, silk noil and something else that i can't remember, but i can hardly wait to spin it.

i haven't spun flax in a very long time and i love the color and it's soft and shiny (for flax), so it was an impulse buy and i'm not sorry!

this vender - One of a Kind - has really nicely made ceramic buttons and pins and more.  don't know if she's new to bsg or if i've just missed her in the past, but she'll be at OFFF and at Fiber Fusion in Monroe WA in oct., so she'll be seeing me again.  i limited myself to 3 really cute pins.

Kate at the fiber arts show, which really had great entries and i didn't get any really great photos!  good show tho.

kiss me!  or at least feed me.

i wish i could have this!
Cloudspun Angora - pink "just because"!

they might be serving better hay on the other side of the fence

we spent the last hour or so in the animal barns....
Susie Wilson teaches "shear your own sheep"

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