Friday, June 15, 2012

nuns on the bus

it's not often that i comment on things religious... for a lot of good reasons.  and these comments combine religion AND politics, on both of which i do have some strong opinions.  but this topic got my attention because i very much admire anyone who actually walks their talk.  there is a group of nuns in the US whose mission in life is advocating for and helping the poor, the marginalized, those people who have no one and no place to turn.  part of their mission and life work is helping people get the medical help and support they need and right now the nuns are going around in a bus opposing the proposed budget in congress (the ryan plan) which breaks the "circle of protection" which they want drawn around essential programs that serve poor and vulnerable people.  so, the nuns on the bus will visit 9 states, speaking out against the ryan budget and what the cuts will do to people who need these services the most.  the vatican has come out against the nuns because they are so outspoken on the social justice issues... and silent on what the church considers important... abortion and gay rights.  and to put the icing on it for me, rush limbaugh has called them "femi-nazis".  as for myself, i really admire these nuns for what they do and the way they're bringing attention to this issue.

you can read more about this on their website

oh, yeah... the author of this budget, cited his catholic faith to justify the cuts.  really?

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