Saturday, June 30, 2012

around my queendom

 in the last few weeks i've seen 2 sets of twins spotty fawns with their moms... and i know it's 2 sets of them as i've seen them in my yard at the same time... otherwise i'd have never known!  i really love seeing them and am happy they're here and trusting enough to hang around even when i'm outside.  even tho i know that some of my flowers are destined to be a deer snack and don't like it that i have to put my roses inside an 8 foot fenced area, i do still love having the deer in my queendom!
this delphinium will be on the deer menu, so thought i'd get a photo of it and enjoy having them while i can.  really love the deep rich color of this one.  there's a white and lighter blue, too.

this pink poppy is just gorgeous!  i have lots of volunteer poppies around my garden, but this is the first year i've seen this color.  there's a white one this year, too, that is a new color.  it's always a surprise to see what new colors appear each year.  don't know how this color variation happens, but i love it!!

and i'm still in awe of the gorgeous-ness of this yellow rose.  the rain is really messing with my roses, but there is a rumor that there's a 5-day stretch of dry sunny weather coming next week.  i'll be happy and so will my roses and the pathetic looking vegetable plants i've put in.  they are not tolerating this lack of sun and warm very well.

on July 26 Meika will be 12 years old, which is pushing the life expectancy of siberian huskies... and she is showing her age.  slower getting up off the floor, accompanied by whimpers pretty often. i'd like to take her to a doggie acupuncturist... don't know if Jim will go along with that...

i surely do love her and don't want her to get old and have aches and pains.

and now some silliness!  well ~I~ think it's funny!

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