Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Ah, spring!  i remember it as if it were yesterday... that's when it was.  and today?  it's raining... raining hard and it's in the 60sF.  damn.  oh, well in a coupla days it will be summer, at least on the calendar it will be summer.  and i promise that if we eventually get 7 days in a row of sun and temps in the 80s i will NOT complain.  i'll hope for more.


and even as i question my grip on reality when i expect anything different from this kind of spring in the beautiful, green, lush, verdant pacific northwest, i'm grateful i took photos of my favorite roses (i think they're all my favorites!) while there was sun.  and again, here's Gertrude Jekyll.  it sounds hokey maybe, but truly..  the blooming flowers and loveliness and fragrances of spring bring joy to my soul... and it makes me smile and reminds me of the beauty of simple gifts.

and a pretty poppy and then more roses!

and those weather guessers tell me that we have 2 sunny days coming!  bring it on..

meantime, rainy days mean i stay inside mostly and work on the quilt and might have it done in a few days.  then photos.  then on to a wall-hanging i have in mind.  oh and also, will get back to some dyeing for a project with Lynne.  and black sheep gathering this coming weekend in Eugene.  going with Kate on friday til sunday.  good times!

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