Tuesday, August 14, 2012

dog days

it's hot!  and i'm not complaining that it's hotter than the hinges at high noon in hell.  i would not dare complain after all the bitching and moaning i did all spring about rain, clouds, no sun and yadda yadda yadda.  just sayin' it's HOT... which is a good thing for the newly dyed roving i hung out in the sun.  it's dry just 2 hours later!  sadly, i just might hate the color of it.  was going for a sort of celery color with hint of butter yellow and it's not that.  way too much yellow... too acid.  maybe i'll dye another batch in soft buttery yellow and do one ply of each.  it could work out for the next project.

called Taiga by tweedysheep.  gotta get the spinning done so i can work on the sweater while on the Alaska cruise in a few weeks.  Kate and i were going to take spinning wheels with us, then the travel arrangements for getting to Vancouver, BC got a little more complicated than just driving up there.  Jim and i will take amtrak to seattle the day before, stay overnight with the kids, then take amtrak from Everett to Vanc. and bus or taxi to everwhere the ship sails.  so will take knitting and my audio books and camera.  we'll be taking the inside passage, which should give us lots of beautiful sights of glaciers, whales and who knows what!  stopping in 3 ports and have a couple of excursions planned and museums and shopping.  i think it will be a fabulous week!

it's hot!  dog days of august!  tomatoes might ripen!!  bountiful baskets full of zucchini and cucumbers and yellow squash!  roses are blooming their little hearts out and sunflowers getting big, with promises of flowers soon!  i'm not complaining.



I know you're hot up there, but . . . . you don't know from hot. We are literally sweltering down here. And we don't have air conditioning. I want your hot!

Your trip sounds fabulous. I hope you have the most wonderful time, so great to share with your family.


Oh, my gosh, I take it back. I just saw that it was 100 degrees in Portland. I am feeling for you.

Sandy said...

Lori - i was going to ask how hot it is where you are! yep... we're cookin' for a few more days!