Saturday, August 04, 2012

mosaic fascination

fabulous!! the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps Project in San Francisco
beautiful mosaic fascinates and intrigues me!  i love it!!!  isn't this great?  it makes me smile.

i saw some truly amazing mosaics in Greece.  have a photo somewhere of one in the ruins of Alexander the Great's palace which i had thoughts of trying to graph and knit it on a sweater.  it's one of those thoughts that's still around somewhere in my brain and i may do something with it one of these days.  also, at Ephesus in Turkey there were some amazing mosaics, left from hundreds of years ago with the color still lovely.  i'll find some of those photos and put them on here.

i found one from an ancient small chapel in a cave on the island of Samos

i've been saving pieces of broken dishes and pottery and tiles for a long time, with the idea of making stepping stones in my garden.  and that, too, might come to fruition some day...  another one of those nebulous things.  still trying to figure out just when is "some day".  

tuesday, august 14 -

this one was at Ephesus

this is my most favorite and is the one i'd thought of charting out and knitting onto a sweater.  it is a marvel to me that these floor mosaics have survived hundreds of years with the color and pattern intact!

from Alexander the Great's palace in Pella, northern Greece. amazing!


max waldstein said...

You should see mosaics in Ephesus terrace houses.

Sandy said...

i didn't know about the terrace houses. wish i could have seen them. was hoping i'd see mosaics on the site you linked....

would love to go back to that area of Turkey!