Monday, August 20, 2012

life in my queendom

when i saw this on my miniature pomegranate bush, i thought it was a tiny pom!

and then came this blossom!

then the petals fell off and here it is today.  there are 2 of them.  i've put little net bonnets over them for protection from the deer.

an artichoke gone rogue (remember the whole "going rogue" from the last presidential elections go around?)

it didn't get picked in time, so turned into a lovely flower!

first comes the beautiful squash blossom.... and a few hours later you suddenly have more harvest than you have space and/or neighbors.

well... ok... it's a few days, not a few hours but it's still a lot of squash all of a sudden!  a neighbor brought over her food dehydrator for me to use until she has time for it, so i've been drying zucchini and yellow squash circles for use in soups in the winter.  haven't tried it yet, but maybe they can be re-hydrated and stir fried?

oh, and it's not hot any more.  might get to 80F today and that's fine with me!

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