Friday, August 24, 2012


most of the time i really really try to resist my gut impulse to voice my opinions here concerning the current political happenings.  mostly, i stay away from it here because i get so much of it in real life.  we watch usually 2 MSNBC programs every night, i check in on what's new on Huffington Post daily, i watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert whenever they are on (they take too damn many vacations in my opinion).... so an occasional snarky political bit is all i put here.  and i guess it's partly because this is sort of my journal or diary and i'm so fucking fed up with what's going on in the political arena that i don't want to read about it when i come back here to re-view what's been happening in my life.  but since i've opened pandora's box here, i will say that i am thoroughly disgusted and dismayed with the efforts to take us back decades in terms of women's rights!  i mean REALLY.. how many times does this fight need to be fought?  does each generation have to do this again?  what's next? perhaps our voting rights next, after turning back the clock on reproductive rights and our right to make decisions on our health care and our own bodies?  these are human rights... which means no one gets to vote on it.  and the focus on this subject means we are neglecting focus on other vitally important issues such as children in our country who don't get enough food or health care or protection from harm.

well, i could go on and on and on... but will curb it for now and go back to the occasional snarky bit.  but do not neglect your right to vote.  it's important.

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