Saturday, January 12, 2013

snow came to Duvall

i spent 5 days with my grandkids while their parents went to Las Vegas.  we did make a good effort to get to go along with them and got an unequivocal "no", but that's ok... we had a good time!  there was some snow and Z was so anxious to go out in it that she didn't bother getting out of her nighty first... just kind of dressed around and under it and seemed warm enough.  and made some fine snow balls!

they don't seem to mind posing.

part of the fun for me is unlimited use of Kate's electric carder and access to several bins of dyed fiber that she has deemed unworthy of selling.... some of my favorite fibers are in there!  blueface leicester, silk, silk, silk, alpaca, merino... and on and on.  so i made several lovely blended batts.  mmmmm - some happy spinning ahead.

the weather stayed really cold, so the snow hadn't totally melted before i left on tuesday.  this is the view from the deck.  i kept watching for some wildlife like at least some deer, if not bobcats or bears... but none came by.

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