Sunday, January 27, 2013

passion for pink flamingo

i have the extreme good fortune of having been blessed with several good friends who are excellent enablers in helping me pursue my passion for the pink flamingo... the tackier, the better.  i opened a package from my dear friend, Anna, recently and what to my astoundedness, did i find but this drunken flamingo, whose purpose in life is to hold a bottle of wine.  (no shortage of wine bottles around here!)  this bottle was a gift yesterday from friends who came for dinner and brought this fine wine which they made and has their own label on it!

somehow... drunk flamingo reminds me of "drunk uncle" on the evening update of SNL.  if only he could talk.... or maybe better not.

and more on the pink flamingo theme... here's a portion of the collection serving as decor in the guest bathroom of dome central.  sad to say, some of the outdoor flamingo residents are either roosting in trees, buried for the time being in leaves and a bit of mud, or otherwise not available for photos.  their day will come... as will spring, blue skies, warm and no rain.  i'm ready already!

someday i may get them all together for a photo shoot.

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