Wednesday, January 30, 2013

life is short!..

and in an effort to enjoy every moment... our plans are made for travel this spring!  in May we'll go to Denmark for a week to visit Soren and his family, our 4th visit to Denmark.  Soren lived with us during his student exchange time in 1988  (has it really been that long ago???)  and happily, we've stayed close thru these years.  he has made several trips back here and we went there for his high school graduation, wedding and again after he'd had 2 children.  part of the joy of the trip this time is that Chris, Kate and kids will be going with us.  we'll spend 2 days in Hamburg, Germany on the way.  after Denmark we fly to Athens then drive to the Peloponnese and spend a week there (time share exchange - yay), go to Olympia and see where the Olympics originated, plus other ancient sites, maybe some vineyards and wineries.  from there we'll drive north to Arachova and Delphi and i'll try again to find the Oracle... at least i'll be listening.  we were there on our first trip to Greece 9 years ago and thru an agro-tourism website got in touch with (and ended up staying with) a wonderful, warm, and welcoming woman named Frosso.  she and i connected in such a memorable way!  she is very involved with fiber arts and is active in the art workshop in Arachova.  tho she speaks only a few words of English and my Greek was zero at that time, we shared our love of spinning and fibers... she showed me her mother's hand spindle which she uses, and gave me an armfull of yarn she had spun on it.  i showed her my knitting and yarn, and of course, gave her some of my yarn.  we were bonded for life!  and exchange greeting cards several times a year... hers come written in Greek, which i take to my friend Denny at his Greek restaurant and he translates for me.  when i write to Frosso, i send it in English with a translation which i get from an online translation site... who knows how my words come out thru that to an accurate translation into Greek.  i keep on getting cards from her, so i guess the translation hasn't been something insulting or weird.  i am really looking forward to seeing my friend, Frosso, again!!  ok, so then we drive back to Athens and fly on the Hania, Crete on May 21 and back to my other home in Vamos for 3 weeks.  and looking back at what i've just written... i'm exhausted with that much travel!  dear Goddess...what have i signed on for?  but the thing is, i want to do every bit of it.  so when we get to Vamos i'll collapse for a day or 2.  well, i say that, but know that we'll walk down to the taverna for hugs and raki as soon as we've got our stuff loaded into our house.  and thanks to Klio, we'll be in the same house as the past 2 or 3 years... happy.  i really shouldn't be wishing time away... but i'll be so happy to be back there that i wish i were there now!!  ~sigh~

and i hope that by then i've conquered blogging on my iPad which has flummoxed me in the past!


sorenw said...

It has actually been even longer as the year I first came to your house was 1986 :-)

Sandy said...

mmm - longer than i thought! and each year is a bonus, dear semi-son!