Saturday, January 19, 2013

new music

Last week Stephen Colbert's guest was a young musician named Benjimin Gibbard.  it was a typically awkward interview by Stephen... but the music was great!  Ben was promoting his new CD "Former Lives" and was joined by Aimee Mann (well, ok, i don't really know who she is except that i've heard her name before) when he did his music.  so... next day i ordered the CD and am really glad i did... really enjoying it.

part of the "awkward" was Stephen's reaction when as part of the interview he asked Ben what else he liked to do... and the answer was something like "well..... i don't do anything besides music".  kind of left Stephen with no where else to go.  and i saw on the interwebs today that Stephen's sister will run for the senate from south carolina as a democrat, probably against the (loser) former governor... yeh, the one who was in Argentina with his lover while he claimed to be hiking the Appalachian trail... while he was governor and left the state without telling anyone where he was going... yeh, that loser.  so there's your little bit of random trivia for today.

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