Sunday, March 10, 2013

a whole flock of stuff

 feb. 24 there was a "vineyard work day", which was organized by our friend Ryan in an effort to help Jim get grape vine stuff done and introduce folks to the process of getting from taking care of the vines to drinking the wine.  Ryan and Sonia brought their little sweetie, Naomie, and Rachael and Matt came with Donovan.  both these kids are about the same age and we enjoyed watching them together, which did not involve much "together play", but the interaction and toy grabbing was interesting (all is totally normal for their age).  the kids didn't get involved with any of the vineyard work, but everyone else did!

 from Wildwoman Creations Art and Craft Gallery
"There are no boundaries except those we create in our mind..."

i saw this face on facebook and am fascinated by her.  she looks to me like she's got the secret to all.  beautiful.  makes me want to know more about her.
pink flamingos!  21 of them now living at the Oregon Zoo.  sad to say, they are all male so no prospects of increasing the flock.  i'm looking forward to an in-person viewing of these beautiful and colorful creatures..... soon, like next week!

and in my queendom, definite signs of spring, which makes my heart sing.  also makes my back hurt and my hands ache.  i spent a few hours yesterday pruning some plants that Jim put in the garden a few years ago... in the garden that is now my domain since he started the HUGE garden out in the pasture behind the barn.  anyway, there's an Oregon Grape totally out of control, giving too much shade to areas i want to plant and not pruned in a long long time... until yesterday.  it is not in the right place and drops nasty sharp pointy leaves... and has now been pruned within an inch of its life.   some of the branches were really too big and thick for my puny clippers, but i persevered and have to show for it many sticks with sharp pointy leaves and achy hands.  i'm still waiting for comments from the planter of this bush-which-became-an-out-of-control tree, but so far silence on that subject.

the ever faithful primroses which keep on giving, year after year and are a really cheerful presence... and don't demand much attention.

another sign (and easy keeper)... the violets are popping up everywhere.  their sweet fragrance is intoxicating, as is their delicate form.

ah, spring!  it cheers and bring joy to the gray, wet,
ever hopeful depths of my soul.  our earth mother goddess rocks!!

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