Sunday, March 31, 2013

quilt borders and mildred

ok, first it's one of those "i just can't help it"!  one of those finds on facebook that i could not resist.

and then we're back to the never-ending-quilt.  i can't even count the times at this point that i've created problems for myself and creativity because i just cannot seem to plan out a whole project before i start.  so everything is going along just fine until i get to that point where i have to start correcting for lack of planning.  if i ever get this completed, it will be a fucking miracle.  i had to remove the back because i'd sewed it on crooked AND hadn't planned for how big the finished thing would be after i added some borders.  i won't go into details because it gets too depressing.... plus can't even remember them all.  this isn't a style and color combination that everyone would like... but i totally love it and want it to be finished!!  so, the borders are sewed on, i've added pieces to make it fit, am trying to figure out mitering the corners and then will add the new backing.  so, what i've learned is that my casual approach to creative projects usually works out with knitting, but is not working with quilting.  any bets on whether i'll change my ways and have a quilting project planned out before i start cutting??

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