Tuesday, March 12, 2013

is it spring yet?

well, not really... but there sure are some signs that it's on the way!  like several days in a row of sun (!) and 60's.

this is a gallon size plastic bag filled with water and hanging from a rafter in the greenhouse.  Carla hung it up there during her first stay here with the dogs while we were in Crete.  we had always had a really bad problem with yellow jackets in there... they seemed to move in as soon as there was any sign of sunshine/warmth, built their nests, invited their friends and multiplied, making it an unwelcoming place for humans.  Carla had read/heard that if you hang a bag of water, it messes with their radar and they stay away.  i had my doubts, but it's been there for 2 years and there have been NO yellow jackets.  so, i'd say that for whatever reason, it keeps them away.  she also put one in my studio with the same results, tho the problem had never been as bad as the greenhouse.

little insecty flying bugs are starting to show up in the salad greens in the greenhouse.  i've been meaning to buy of bag of ladybugs, and haven't done that yet.  in the meantime, i happened upon 2 of the cute little bugs in my rose bed and quickly transplanted them for a feast among the greens.  this one set off exploring the around the soil and seemed inclined to stay in its new home.  the soil looks pretty lumpy, but the photo is greatly magnified.  so, instead of watching the grass grow, i watched the bug explore for awhile.  ah, i do love retirement and having the time to enjoy watching bugs and smelling the roses.  the rose bushes are putting out leaves, so i do believe that there will be roses!!

somewhere i saw a gardening tip suggesting saving egg shell halves and planting seeds in them, then just plant the seedling in the shell so the fragile little roots aren't exposed to transplant trauma, they grow, the shell disintegrates and nourishes the plant!  what a plan.  so, i planted some kale seed and i can already see the beginnings of plants!  wheeee.  fresh, organic kale will be most welcome since i started making that weird looking green drink in my new juicer, and it pisses me off that i have to pay $2 or $3 for a bunch of kale at the grocery and i don't know how fresh it actually is or how it was grown.

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