Monday, March 11, 2013

friends = life treasures!

it's a bit humbling, really, to have a friend who would knit a lace scarf and give it to me.  and it's so soft and so beautiful and feels SO luxurious and feels so fine around my neck.  she knows that i struggle with knitting lace and using tiny needles and fine yarn... and that makes it even more special.  that friend is Jan Prewitt.  she was in one of my spinning classes a LONG time ago and became a friend and twisted sister.  thanks, Jan, for a lovely gift!

after i saw Jan on saturday, i went shopping for clothes for the upcoming trip.  lo and behold... everything i bought works well with the new scarf... hmmm... how did that happen??  this trip will involve a LOT of dragging ourselves and luggage thru lots of airports and to several destinations... so, i need to pack "smart" (ha! me?) with lightweight clothing, wrinkle resistant, easily washed and dried, and fit into one (1) medium-sized suitcase and one carry-on. so i did some mega-extreme shopping.  prices were rather shocking, so i tried not to look, but did note that one pair of pants that i bought on SALE, was almost 4x what i usually pay for britches at good will.  oh well, i was working with a secret stash of $$ and went balls to the wall on this shopping extravaganza.  and did this excursion feel good??  oh, yes it did.  didn't buy a lot, but bought what i wanted.

most definitely an outstandingly good day.  and also when i got home, found that Pam had been here and had cleaned up all my flower beds... i mean... what a good day.

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