Friday, March 01, 2013

life, etc and the blue footed booby

Meet the blue footed booby. Yep, you pronounce that exactly like it's spelled. They are found from the Gulf of California down along the western coasts of Central and South America to Peru.
Their bright blue feet are a sexually selected trait. The brighter a males feet, the more attractive he is to a female. To attract a female, they have an elaborate dancing ritual to 

display their feet, first lifting one foot and then the other.

that is one of the cutest critters i've ever seen!  
that face is enough to send me into uncontrollable giggles.

ok, i've joined that group of folks who spend uncountable amounts of time juicing vegetables and fruits.  til now the thought of "green drinks" was enough to make me gag.  not much better when i saw that bile green in a glass in front of me.  but, i have to say it's not all that bad.  i bought a juicer last week... a big intimidating piece of appliance and then yesterday went shopping for a variety of green veggies.  today was "launch day".  so, not quite sure what i was getting into... just knowing i needed to do something that would raise my energy level... i started pulling the green stash from the refrig and prepping and washing 2 kinds of kale, carrots, celery, ginger, an orange, and lemon...then began stuffing them into the feeder chute of the juicer machine.  Jim was fascinated enough by all this activity that he agreed to try some.  the happy surprise for me was that it really didn't taste as bad as it looked.  the advice in the instruction booklet (yep, i did read it) was to start slow with this healthful madness as it would take the body some time to become accustomed to receiving all this goodness.  seriously, i believe this routine will be a good way for me to get the recommended amounts of veggies and fruit.  oh, dear goddess! what's next? a 2 mile walk every day??  well, i suppose it wouldn't hurt.... after all, i do need to prepare myself for all the up-hill walking when we get to Greece in may.

 the purple kale really is pretty!!  i'll be starting some plants in the greenhouse really soon!  paying $2 for a small bunch isn't working for me. far better to have home grown organic... and lots cheaper!

yum!  green and frothy!



I've been into the green smoothies for a while now. Great book on the benefits of getting more green veggies into your diet, although she's too much of a raw foodie for me: "Green for Life" by Victoria Boutenko. Has some good recipes at the back of the book. Take the good parts out of the book and ignore the stuff that touts the all raw food diet. Can't hurt to add these green drinks to your diet.

Sandy said...

thanks, Lori. i found a bunch of suggestions and recipes on the interwebs. yesterday's batch was quite good.