Wednesday, June 26, 2013

more from Denmark

Legoland really was a wonderful adventure!... many different rides .. everything from sissy to brave.

and, of course everything imaginable constructed of lego pieces.

space ship creations...

village scenes

lego characters in the aquarium

 exciting water slides

and planning sessions to figure out what's next.

and another day, we went to Silkeborg to the museum to see the BogMan, or Tollund Man.  he dates back to the end of the Bronze Age 4-300BC and was found in a peat bog where his body had been preserved all that time by the acidity of the bog.  he was found with a rope around his neck which has caused all kinds of conjecture on how and why he ended up in the bog!  he is so fascinating!  hence my second visit to see him.  you can see the stubble of beard on his face and the wrinkles in his forehead.  was great to see him again!

all sorts of interesting displays in the same museum, including what looked to me like a hooka.  the provided information was in Danish, so have no idea what, when, etc.

and we went to a deer park, where we mingled with quite a few deer.  they had already browsed the lower branches of the trees, so there was some scrambling and pulling down of branches to get some leaves to feed them.  Alex spotted this albino deer, who was also interested in being fed. they were really quite tame and it was fun to be able to get so close to them.

Pia and William

Pia's whimsical and colorful art really appealed to me.... lots of talent and creativity!!

this one says something like "give your stress wings and let it fly"  (is that close, Soren??)

there are many many more photos and stories from Denmark, and i just simply can't get them all up here.  

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