Saturday, December 11, 2010


some days i'm so easily amused that it borders on pathetic ... or i see art in simple forms?  i was washing lettuce for salad, and when i cut the stem end off one little head i just couldn't throw it in the compost because it was so pretty.  maybe the pathetic part was when i "posed" it on top of the washed leaves and took its little picture.  still couldn't discard it, so put it in a shallow dish of water and now 3 days later it's starting to grow little leaves from its center.  and i still think it's cute.  i think i'm trying to make up for the miserable failure to thrive flowers from the garden that i potted up and brought inside in the hope they'd keep growing and i'd have summer bloomin' all winter on the balcony under the skylight.  it's just not happening...... only one of eight shows any sign of life... the gerbera daisy... and i'd be delighted if it lives!

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