Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Solstice!

ah!... winter solstice.  the longest night of the year, and tomorrow the days start getting longer by tiny little increments, but it's the getting longer that matters.  today i brought in the solstice greens which take the place of a xmas tree these days.  and the greens are surrounded by the stockings hung with care and some gifts.  when i talked with my grandgirl on the phone last night, she told me she was really looking forward to coming to our house the day after xmas and i smiled to myself and felt all warm and glowy, and she then said that she thot there might be some presents here for her.  had to laugh!  that girl always says exactly what is on her mind!  yes, sweetie, there will be some gifts here for you... and lots of hugs, and love.

Winter Solstice... the return of the light, the beginning of a new year, the start of winter and preparation for spring.  long nights for awhile and short days, slowing gaining more light... and it gives me lots of time to stay in out of the rain, read, think, work on projects which have been sitting around aging for too long, think some more and plan.  in the meantime, i'm wishing for everyone everywhere warmth, someone to love, less worries and more of what they need...and light.

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