Friday, December 10, 2010

it's cosmic!

it seems an infrequent occurrence to me, and makes me happy that a full moon and the Winter Solstice occur on the same date this year!  hoping for a clear night for moon viewing!  how about a bonfire??!! dancing??

also, this month ... "spectacular meteor showers and a total lunar eclipse" . click  for details 
the eclipse will be december 20 and will be the best one til april 2014.  i guess it's impertinent to ask for clear night skies in december in northwest oregon 2 nights in a row.  but i'm hoping.....

i took some of my dyed yarn to Northwest Wools this week...  my latest most favorite yarn because it glitters!!  it has 2% real silver thread in it!  oooooh... sparkles!

the big event in my life this week was to have a new and clear lens implanted in my right eye to replace the one which had become very cloudy.  i'm told that if one lives long enough it's bound to be necessary.  the pre-op portion of my day was considerably longer that the actual procedure,  but i'd worked up a huge case of anxiety and it took 3 IV shots of versed to get me to the "who gives a rat's ass" attitude.  the rest of the day was quite fine.  and already, 2 days later, i can see a really big difference in vision.  everything looks brighter thru that eye.  the left eye procedure will be december 28.  i'll be glad when it's all done and now i'm wondering what difference this will make in how i see the colors of the dyes that i pour onto fiber!

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