Friday, December 03, 2010

more dyein'

bright BFL
 BFL/tussah silk - can't wait to spin this one!!
 not so bright ... more kind of vintage looking.  also BFL/tussah silk.


Lynne said...

Wowwy zowwy! Those colors ought to chase away the constant rain you've been having. That middle one is really something!

Goatldi said...

vintage? I like vintage. why is it i can identify with that?

Sandy said...

yep, Lynne - that's my fave! it's in the lineup for the spinnin' wheel.

and vintage, Terry?? i think you have a way to go before you can claim that!

Goatldi said...

Oh madam I am edging up quickly. Coming on 62 and it ain't the years m'dear it is the mileage! But thank you .