Wednesday, December 29, 2010

miscellaneous yaddayaddayadda

made it thru another xmas season and it all went quite well and i did not have a need to set foot in one mall or big store full of shoppers! bravo!!  shopping done online from as many small businesses as possible, tho did have to resort to some biggies to get those geeky/nerdy/digitally items for those who like them.  Jim wanted a thing called something like "track back" that will help him get back to where he started so he won't get lost on those long walks he takes in and around Vamos... now he just has to remember to take it with him.

i'm now bilaterally seeing my world bright and clear and am amazed at the difference!  have had 2 lens implants in the last 3 weeks, with vacuuming out of the cloudy old cataracty lenses.  i really wish i could have seen what was going on from the doctor's view of it... from my view it was just bright moving lights, which wasn't bad... the colors were awesome!  his description of the procedure sounded fascinating!

xmas day Dinah and Jonica came down from seattle, we brought Pop out here and had dinner together. on sunday was the big family feast here at dome central, with most of the family plus several friends and neighbors - last time i counted it was 23 people, i think....  it was fun and chaos for a few hours.  i'm still exhausted!  ready to hunker in now and ignore the snow or ice or everwhat happens outside.  hhmmm, wondering what "hunker" really means and where that word came from......

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