Saturday, December 04, 2010

Crete in the spring!! oh, yes!

the sweet reward for surviving the winter... springtime in Crete and all the Easter celebrating!
really nice taverna in Almirida, a small seaside resort town, opened by our friend
Yorgo.  Called Aeraki which means small breeze.  the other part of the taverna is
across the street and next to the water.
we made reservations last night and had enough airline reward points to get 2 round trip tickets.

the beach in Almirida... nicest in the off-season, so no crowds
of tourists.
Taverna Sterna Tou Bloumosifi - the local taverna which becomes our second home when we're in Vamos.  

friends, good food, local wine and raki (Greek fire water, and if you survive the first shot then your mouth is numb and you can keep  going til you can't keep going!)  the best part is friends and you meet new friends every day wherever you go... it's the Cretan way.
bougainvilla - everywhere all the time!

Easter dinner party last spring.
ah, but first the holidays, and rain and maybe snow and grey days.  and then april will come.

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