Monday, June 27, 2011

and one, actually two more things... don't know how i left them out.  the light green is loosely carded mohair, wool and alpaca blend.. so soft!  and spins like a dream.  from Schildt Ranch.  it looks great plied with the Debouilet that's lying on top of it.

and eri silk i bought from Carolina Homespun.  Morgaine said this is a new product she's carrying, from India.  and i think she said it's the first preparation from the cocoon.  but whatever... it's incredibly soft and fluffy and dreamy.

ok, dear diary... that's really all of the BSG adventure for this year.  i haven't accurately figured it out, but this is somewhere around the 25th time i've gone to BSG.  the first 2 or 3 events were at a sweet little park/camp ground in Cottage Grove.  yep... that long ago!

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