Monday, June 20, 2011

celebration weekend

 J and i amtraked north on thursday for celebration of Chris and Alex's birthdays and father's day.

 Friday was Chris' 40th (yep, fortieth!!) birthday and the kids were so excited about it that they had his gifts arranged on the table before they went to bed thursday night... and got the opening session started almost before Chris had had his coffee in the morning.   their gift to their dad was a new golfing outfit... stunning to be sure!
and here he is... ready for his golf game.  he said his friends were quite impressed with his new look, but none seemed anxious to join him in this look.  i think he looks fabulous!

for birthday dinner we went to the local Mexican restaurant in beautiful downtown Duvall.  good dinner and verra good margaritas!
sunday was Alex's 11th birthday and his choice was to go to Salty's for their magnificent brunch which really defies description in their abundant array of lusciousness... oh, my!  even at 8:15 a.m. i was able to over-indulge and enjoy.  (normally i can't even look at food before noon... give me strong coffee only)

Kate and Zylie, lookin' quite happy after the brunch.  Z was mighty proud of that cute flower in her hair.  while we waited for our table, she wandered a bit and came back with a satisfied smile and told me she was so happy she'd worn that flower because so many people told her they thought it was beautiful!  

Kate wears her new Montana cowboy hat with
pride!  lookin' fine!!

needs no explanation

we rode amtrak back to portland after the brunch.  it was a wonderful weekend.  it had been several years since i'd been with Chris and Alex on their birthdays. .. and i loved it!!   the brunch was also father's day celebration.  i miss my dad.

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goatldi said...

And well you should. But he is with you in the eyes of that wonderful family! Hugs.