Saturday, June 04, 2011

spinning away the day...

ahhhh - a good friend, spinning wheels, lots of fibers!  an excellent way to spend a day.....Laurie came out today so we could dye some wool for a class she'll teach at Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, June 24, 25, 26.  can't believe i'm saying this, but it was too hot in my studio today for dyeing.... i know, that 's unusual for what we've been having.  so, we set up our wheels in the living room and spent the next few hours spinning yarn and talking.   deeeelightful, it was!   and i'll do the dyeing when the clouds come back in a few days.

above is superwash BFL i'm spinning for next project.  the lighter color fiber is some that Kate dyed, and the darker is some i dyed.  the dark skein

i plied a single from each batch and i think it will be perfect.

 then i got into a bag from really old stash... back in the day when i had the cottage industry BIG carder (sigh... sometimes i really wish i still had it).  this is probably merino wool, maybe superwash, with bits of brightly colored silk fiber carded in.  i especially love how this yarn knits up.

Laurie brought the new Knit Noro book for me to look at.  ends up, i got to keep it, and we called Linda and asked her to hold 1 of the remaining books for Laurie.  love this kind of negotiating.  the  other is a quilt book i just bought, by Laura Wasilowski, whose quilts and books i totally adore.  would love to take one of her classes.... if she ever comes out this way from Chicago.  i'm planning a hanging quilt using some of her fusing techniques and if it goes the way of what's burbling over in my mind, it will be very colorful, whimsical and kind of a story of my life.  stay tuned... we'll see if i can stay focused long enough for that kind of undertaking.  i'll really really need the close attention of my muses!

i'm starting to ramble.  it was a lovely day with a twisted sister!

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goatldi said...

SO it is you who took our Spring? Should have known and all the time I was blaming my cousin in MO!

Nice stuff all the way from the eggplant parm to the fiber. Ah and I do remember the big green carder. I would settle for a small one.

Now back to the rain, rain and more rain. This is the first time in my life we are still having fires in June.